The Republican Unitary Enterprise "Beltamozhservis" has been operating in the market of logistics services since 1999, the founder of the enterprise is the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus. Over the years, our company has acquired a reputation as a reliable partner, we have been growing and developing together with our customers for 15 years. We are the largest Belarusian logistics operator and we are actively participating in the implementation of the state program for the development of the logistics system of the Republic of Belarus for the period until 2015. Our company meets all the requirements for high-end logistics companies. We have a developed territorial structure, the company's specialists provide logistics services at 15 customs terminals, at all international automobile checkpoints, in more than 50 customs clearance points in more than 30 cities of the country. Our company is equipped with the most modern technology, thanks to which we use only the latest information technologies in our work. Our software allows you to monitor in real time the activities of all services, warehouses, customs clearance specialists, freight forwarders, as well as the flow of goods flow. We are distinguished by the adaptability of the service to the changing demands of the market, customers and serviced goods. We have a full range of resources for solving any complexity of the task in the field of logistics services, including - minimizing the time and financial costs associated with the delivery of goods from the producer to the consumer.

Our services are terminal handling of cargoes, forwarding, international cargo transportation, customs operations as a customs representative, services with the status of an authorized representative, preliminary notification of customs bodies of the customs and European Union, insurance, certification of goods,

Our advantage - in any region of the Republic of Belarus - the enterprise renders services for the reception and storage of cargo at the terminal, its fragmentation, the completion of shipments, the full range of operations as a customs representative, including - using the national electronic declaration system, delivery of goods to the final recipient , Ensuring the information interaction of all participants in the supply chain from the producer to the recipient, servicing virtually any volume of export / import and transit freight traffic within the customs union.

The main principle of the enterprise of the Republican Unitary Enterprise - a satisfied customer today ensures our stability tomorrow

The motto of the enterprise is fast, profitable, reliable.